Hey YOU!




I am Joann Hangad, a 24-years-old gal.

If there is something I’ve learned in life so far that is believing in my own journey.

When people tell me to run, I’ll walk.

When people tell me to go, I’ll stop and amazingly see what’s in front of me.


As they say life is not a sprint, it’s a marathon, I agree with that.

That quote gives me the the calming feeling of being focused on my own race. To be brave to take my own path and trust my own phase. To take things one step at a time.

To open the door of self-exploration and swim in a pool of uncertainty.



Giving time to figure out myself and my aspiration.


My blog is  my outlet to tell my thoughts of my own journey and encouraged other people who goes through the same feeling or path as me to see the brighter side of your own situation right now. This is to everyone who continually reflect on their life, purpose and dreams. Especially millennial like me who still believe in themselves even though they felt like they are moving so slow in life and not getting ahead like everyone else.


We are all in this together and because I can relate to you, I’m going to share to you my experiences, thoughts and ideas. I am also going to share in this blog the things I am currently learning hoping somehow it can help 1 or 2 person that would be amazing.

There are some challenges as well, which I’ve tried on my own. I found this tests helpful so I am sharing it to you so that you can try it as well. Let’s have fun and help each other.



And of course life is not just about work, goals and all this serious stuff, we need some escapism. I’ll be sharing also my playlists, books I am reading for fun, and movies and TV series I’ve been watching.

You can also spot a photo gallery section in this blog but  know that I am not a photographer I just love taking photos and I want to include it here. I am really a frustrated photographer so bare with me.



I’m not a girl , not yet a woman as Britney says. So I will continue contemplating about my life’s journey and made a little by little improvement each day.

I hope you will too and somehow my blog could be at help. I will do my best.




Let’s appreciate our own life’s journey. Let us help ourselves not to be to hard at ourselves. Being human is not about figuring everything out, we cannot have everything at once. So might as well live life and take full advantage of what we have now.


Even if that means choosing to walk while everyone is choosing to run or to ride on their vehicles.

“Follow not other people’s path but your own path.”

But I want you to follow my blog so we can communicate together! 🙂


I am happy you drop by to my blog! Thank you very much!

Always remember……

“Learn more, Live NOW!”